This Week in Men’s Underwear – October 30 2013


Rounding out the end of October, this week in men’s underwear gave us some more seasonally appropriate pairs of underwear. There were pairs to keep us warm as the temperature starts to drop, like the Eden Park Rugby line, as well as underwear from Gregg Homme and Pull-In to help celebrate the spirit of Halloween through the weekend. Read below for our roundup of this week in men’s underwear, October 30 2013.

Andrew Christian doesn’t care that winter is right around the corner with their new swimwear release, the Nanofit Ultra Bikini collection. 
AussieBum’s Classic collection is back for another round, but this time it has been updated with a new fabric blend, vintage inspired waistband and a roomier pouch. 
Bruno Banani plays with lines, and not the blurred ones, but straight vertical lines in their Flux collection. 
Eden Park is run by jocks who have created a very stylish Underwear line inspired by Rugby stripes, but tailored with British elegance. 
Gregg Homme’s Bronco collection will protect your hide for your ride out West with its unbelievably comfortable pieces.
Hugo Boss will make you stand out while feeling sturdy in the bold and colorful Boxers BM collection. 
Impetus’s Hot collection heats things up with its stylish and sensual fabrics but also keeps it masculine by accentuating your physique with anatomical lines. 
Jack Adams plans for winter with their warm Core collections which are great for the first layer of the day. 
Jam’s Gold collection will make you feel like a winner once people see your lustrous wide golden waistband. 
Pull-In celebrated Halloween this week with a playful four piece Halloween collection. 
Supawear’s Supa-Supa wants your alter-ego to be released, as long as it is one that fights crime. 

Photo Credit: Andrew Christian, Eden Park, Supawear, Jack Adams, Impetus, Jam, Gregg Homme and aussieBum.


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