How Do You Wear Equmen Core Precision?

Australian brand Equmen has changed the underwear game with their Core Precision line. Every garment in the range is highly crafted and engineered with the advanced technology, giving their underwear the ability to increase blood flow, improve overall performance, reduce injury and speed recovery. Originally made with athletes in mind, Southern Australian First Class Cricketer, James Smith said, ” Compression underwear is now pretty standard amongst the elite athlete community. I’ve tried quite a few brands, but the level of support Equmen offers is definitely a step above the rest.”

James Aubusson, an Ex-Roosters NRL player, described his experiences while wearing the underwear. “I have full confidence in wearing Equmen underwear, it is cutting edge and is the first full crossover garment for both training and everyday posture, and support, I believe its tomorrow’s garment today.”

Model and actor Jarret Janako finds comfort in its support, “The core precision tank is a perfect fit, very slimming! I really feel the support in my back, I’ve never tried on a tank like it. Supportive undergarments are very important when working out and I think they’ve mastered it.” Men’s Health UK Editor, David Waters agrees with Janako by adding, “I like the way it makes me feel tall and upright…and I do like the confidence boost of losing 3 inches off my waist.”

The underwear garments also benefit men who sit behind a desk or camera all day long, like Ben Shephard a presenter for ITV and Sky Sports said, “I have always suffered from lower back problems so the support that Equmen offers me is great and I love the vests and T-shirts.”

These pieces work anywhere guys have to be active and you’ll find many of the items in wardrobe of TV celebrity and adventurer Pete Well. “I road tested their stuff, and loved it. I recently paddled across Bass Strait. First time a surf life saving ski has been paddled across these treacherous waters,” Wells said. “It seemed to reduce aches and pains and got me ready for the 70km in choppy big surf and high winds the following day.”

Leave it to Equmen to protect your back no matter what your daily activity is. With its energizing and healing qualities, Core Precision is tested and guaranteed by men who wear it everyday. Let us know how you plan to use Equmen Core Precision in your daily life by commenting below.

For more information on the brand: Equmen

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