Waistband Wednesday, Oct. 23

Waistband Wednesday

This week’s edition of Waistband Wednesday has us reflecting on the month of October in very different ways. For instance, Instagram user @eaaw sent us over his favorite Emporio Armani waistband pic. It just so happens that his favorite waistband pic is also his favorite jack o’ lantern costume pic. Though the pumpkin head is a bit distracting, we can still admire the classic Emporio Armani look of his waistband. The “E” and “A” are exaggerated on opposite sides of the signature eagle. The brief is a standard black which the waistband accents with its touch of silver.

[PHOTOS] Cody Johnson in Emporio Armani

Another Instagram user, @isaacgerona, sent us over a pic of his pink Calvin Klein waistband, a great way to show support for the many impacted by breast cancer. It is breast cancer awareness month. The waistband features the Calvin Klein logo written across the front in a contrasting pink lettering. The actual band is a glistening silver. The underwear it belongs to are the Calvin Klein Steel Micro Low Rise trunks, which is a very comfortable underwear.

Check out the rest of our favorite waistband Wednesday picks in the gallery below. Do you have a favorite waistband? Show us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram by using #TUXwaist or #underwearexpert.

Photo Credit: Instagram

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