Waistband Wednesday, Oct.16

This week for Wednesday Wednesday, we caught some folks in some pretty compromising positions. When we say caught, we mean you couldn’t help but share your own waistband sightings with us. For starters, we had a Miley Cyrus twerk sighting in an office. O, that’s not Miley? Would of had us fooled. The twerker is Sebastian from Australia. Sebastian loves his Ginch Gonch undies. The waistband of this underwear stands out in bright yellow. The logo is very comical in that it looks as though it has been ripped out of seventies comic. Everything about the waistband and print that accompany it screams fun. Definitely twerking approved.

Instagram user @isaacgeron also shared two photos with us this week, but chose his photo with a standard Calvin Klein X waistband. Along with his photo, Geron let us know that he has over 100 pairs of underwear. Our first thought was he must have a huge dresser. After that, we began to see how much of an Underwear Expert he is. He could have gone with a simple and classic Calvin look, like the one we showed last week. Instead, he is forward thinking in his choice to wear a selection from one of Calvin’s more youthful and bold designs.

Finally, some of our contributors couldn’t help but snap a pic of themselves wearing 2(x)ist underwear on the day of the 2(x)ist Spring Fashion show. The waistbands scream 2(x)ist Cabana collection loud and clear. The were definitely feeling fun and fashionable at the show, we’re sure.

Check out more Waistband Wednesday looks below as well as our picks for getting the look. Remember, you can submit your waistband pics to #TUXWaist on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Photo Credit: Instagram

For more information about these brands: Ginch Gonch, 2xist, Calvin Klein, Andrew Christian, Emporio Armani


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