Underwear Models Reimagined As Cats

Let’s face it. The hottest thing to hit the web isn’t the Andrew Christian Twerk video or Adam Levine’s many underwear moments. The hottest thing to hit the web in recent months isn’t even human. The hottest thing to hit the web are cats. Spawned from our favorite grumpy cat, who just happens to be named Grumpy Cat, cats have conquered the internet with their cuteness, sassiness, anger, and uncanny way to look confused. Once deemed the most emotionless and needy of the pet species, cats have become quite the opposite. They can smize with the best of them.

Another species that can smize just as well are male underwear models. When you think about it, these two species have a lot in common in that they both display charisma and feline ferociousness. Today, we are combining the two.

 Check out our gallery below to see some of our favorite underwear models as cats.



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