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This week in underwear model Instagram photos, your favorite underwear models are getting into the spirit of Halloween by posing in pics as Vampires. It started earlier last week when some of the boys of Andrew Christian started in a new NSFW video called “Suck” that will give the Andrew Christian Twerk video a run for its money. In the video, Pablo Hernandez, Noah Wright and others “portray” vampires which, in AC land, translates to wearing skimpy undies, go go dancing and biting each other. Former Andrew Christian model, Brandon Robert Brown, took a different approach, going for more of a pop art take on the creatures of the night. In either case, we definitely think that fans of the blood suckers will be pleased.

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Brown’s fellow LA go-go boy, Steven Dehler, gained some national buzz on everyone’s favorite 20 ways to write about 20 somethings blog, Buzzfeed after taking part in the Marco Marco fashion show. The show featured Dehler, Benjamin Godfre, and everyone’s favorite RuPaul’s Drag Race contestants. Dehler discussed his love for Marco Marco underwear in an interview with The Underwear Expert a couple of months ago. This month, he took to Venice Beach with roommate and photographer Paul Boulon for an exclusive photo shoot in Marco Marco.

Check out more model Instagram photos below. What do you think of Marco Marco underwear? Comment below or tweet your response to @underwearexpert. 

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