The Underwear Expert Monthly Unique Underwear Roundup

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During that past month, fashion week happened in the four major fashion capitals of the world, and we must say that this year showed some very unprecedented collections. Over the past month, The Underwear Expert has been reporting on underwear collections that are equally, if not more unique, than some of the looks that came down the runway. Read below to see our monthly unique underwear roundup.

Andrew Christian wants everyone to play the superhero or super villain, it’s up to you which fate you decide, in their Spider thong. 
Bodyaware’s Dress To The Left Thong is a delicate but interesting take on the thong with its three fabric pieces that connect as one. 
Cocksox shows some bling and gets greedy with their CX02 Gold brief, part of their major Seven Deadly Sins Campaign.   
Danvary creates a hybrid shirt/underwear with their Boxershirt which solves that nagging problem of your shirt tail constantly falling out of your pants. 
ES Collection’s Active Wear singlet range brings together 12 completely different looks for this floor mat ready piece of underwear. 
Gregg Homme is the leader when it comes to unique underwear. Many of their collections are fantasy inspired like their Master Fetish outfit and the Venom collection. 
HOM served up some vegan underwear this month. Seriously, who knew that underwear could be vegan?? If you’re all about the organic lifestyle try the HOM by Umasan collection. 
Modus Vivendi takes a walk on the wild side with their leopard print inspired Safari Line
Pistol Pete’s Xpose collection plays with mesh and fishnet for this truly one of a kind collection. 
Slick It Up takes bodysuits to the next level with their newest release of four Body Suits including the Scorpio, Double Zip Unitard, Slick Tuxedo and Body Harness suits. 
Vizeau’s Voyager collection is one of the most adventurous swimwear collections we have ever seen here at The Underwear Expert. 

Photo Credit: Andrew Christian, Bodyaware, ES Collection, Gregg Homme, Modus Vivendi, HOM and Vizeau.


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  1. KC78 says:

    Super sexy stuff.  Must need to get into shape to wear all these hot products though.  Will not look good on with a pooch or love handles in my opinion.  Perfect solution for MAL in January.

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