The Underwear Expert Monthly Brief Roundup


Over the past month, we’ve reported on more than 25 new briefs that have hit the market. Check out the best of the best below for our monthly brief roundup!

Alpha + Omega leads the pack this month with not one, but four new releases including the Ringer brief, Memphis brief, Orbital Black & Gold brief and the Grand Prix brief collection.
Andrew Christian’s Almost Naked collection is expanding with the super sexy Spree brief, the masculine Marine brief and the Sports brief.
AussieBum has gone BANANAS with their Banana brief and the über comfortable, Comfyfit brief
Björn Borg’s Cut and Paste brief teaches the basics of Photoshop. 
Bodyaware makes everything even more soft and supple with their Supple & Seamless brief.
C-IN2’s beloved Prime collection not only has a brief, but two new primary colors to pick from. 
Calvin Klein’s Athletic brief is the perfect choice for the serious athlete in all of us. 
Croota wants you to break out those bagpipes in celebration of their Tartan brief
Emporio Armani makes sure its briefs aren’t basic with the Printed Fantasy Stretch brief and Basic Microfiber brief
Jor Divo brief tries to steal the spotlight from this month’s brief roundup. 
Mckillop relocated to Mexico and came out with this tropical brief collection, Yuca
Obviously goes mod masculine with their Geometric brief.
Special Delivery has everything you need for the new school year, especially their briefs.

Photo Credit: Alpha + Omega, aussieBum, Mckillop, Obviously, Calvin Klein


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  1. Trebor1802 says:

    Does anyone else prefer the pre-pouch briefs?  I was happy with my “guy” lying to the side and my boys down below.

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