The Ultimate Guide To NFL Underwear Part I

On Sept. 5, the NFL season kicked off. Since then, families have gathered around their televisions every Sunday and Monday to answer the age old question, “Are you ready for some Football?” Fall has become synonymous with American Football and in the United States, American Football is pretty much a staple of all Thanksgiving meals. We can recall our moms yelling at our fathers for opting for their favorite NY Giants or Dallas Cowboys jersey over a traditional shirt and tie attire. We can also recall our dads not caring. This was the day they were going to watch their favorite team. They were true fans.

For a lot of us, those memories have spilled over into adulthood. Whether we continue the tradition of wearing cheese head hats to tail gate the next Packers game or we continue the tradition of yelling at the screen for a good twelve hours on a Sunday, sometimes for teams we aren’t even following. For the Underwear Expert who follows American Football, we have compiled a list of our favorite underwear inspired by the teams of the NFL.

Check our gallery below for part one of our favorite NFL underwear picks. Which team are you rooting for? Lets us know by commenting below or tweeting @underwearexpert.

For more information about these brands: Timoteo, Pump!, 4Skins, 2xist, Papi, Freedom Reigns, Alpha & Omega, Bunker, Andrew Christian


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