Top 5 Scary Movie Underwear Sightings

You better start watching all of the scary movies you put in your Netflix queue to get into the Halloween spirit. In anticipation of the scariest day of the year, we’ve been watching as many scary movies as possible and spotting underwear scenes. This includes many scenes where lust driven individuals are stripping down to their underwear to do the dirty, that is, until they are rudely interrupted by the likes of Jason Voorhees or a gaggle of mean vampires.

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Okay, not all of the underwear sightings we found involve hormone driven teens, some of them are the actual villains, such as our favorite badass sociopath, Patrick Bateman. Check out the gallery below to see our top 5 scary movie underwear sightings from the best cult, campy and B-rated scary movies out there. Let us know your favorite scary movie scene by tweeting @underwearexpert or commenting below.

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