Top 5 50’s Underwear Ads

Everyone knows what the pin-ups from the 50’s look like. Women in 50’s underwear ads with coiffed hair and sinched waists sporting the latest brassieres and pantyhose. But what about the boys? Did you realize there were a fair amount of male models in 50’s underwear ads too? If you think the muscle men of today can be cheesy, hop into our time machine and check out some of our favorite men’s 50’s underwear ads. Who knew Ward Cleaver could be so damn sexy?

While today ad agencies focus on style, back in the day most advertisements for briefs were geared towards utility. 50’s underwear ads also used illustrations rather than photographs, some of which are tremendously detailed.

Check out our gallery of the Top 5 50’s underwear ads below; which is your favorite? Sound off in the comments below or by tweeting.

Photo Credit: Courtesy Photos


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