Things Heat Up With Impetus Hot


Impetus hot

The Impetus Hot collection brings high fashion to underwear.

This collection combines haute couture and comfortability. The man who enjoys this collection is in touch with his sensual side, but still has an edge. Hot comes with no strings attached it is exactly what is portrays itself to be, stylish, seductive and sophisticated. The masculine choice of color with greys and blacks contrasted with fluorescents really gives the Hot collection its fashion forward appeal. You’ll find tribal influences such as tattoos and animals prints, and anatomical lines that accentuate a man’s physique.

The construction these garments includes tulle and graphic elements like the bolded and enlarged Hot logo on the waistband. It comes in briefs, trunks, tank tops and t-shirts. How hot would this collection make you feel? Let us know by tweeting @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Impetus

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