The Sensual Side of Malebasics Eroticwear

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malebasics eroticwear

Malebasics is known for their super trendy and stylish pairs of underwear, but they do like to venture out of the box every now and then.

The brand also has a more sensual side with the Malebasics Eroticwear line, which has more than 75 pieces that are scandalous and sexy. Many of the items are made out of delicate fabrics such as mesh, lace and tulle and most of them come in three hot colors including red, white and black, with a pop of extra color thrown in. The collections from the Eroticwear lines are definitely not meant for the boardroom, but rather the bedroom, where the underwear itself can be the star.

The latest Malebasics Eroticwear photo shoot has the model in the brand’s best selling thongs including the Microfiber V-String and Micro Thong. From the looks of it, he is ready to go! Let us know what erotic wear you have in your closets by commenting below or tweeting @underwearexpert.

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