Rufskin Models Battle Inanimate Objects

Rufskin Models

In this set of model photos, these Rufskin models seem to be struggling with various kinds of inanimate objects such as gates, bikes, flippers, and paint brushes.

The black and white shoot places Rufskin swimwear in the center of attention. A take away look is the Daring Showy European Bikini with Baroque Style Art Print. The bikini is matched seamlessly with the model portraying the artist. Judging from the paint marks on the models face, the paint brush won the battle.

[PHOTOS] B&W Photo Shoot for Rufskin Rufletic Collection

The photo with the model and the bicycle is the only one to use color, adding an accent of red along the bike chain.

Also featured in the shoot are the Cadaques briefs that feature a draw cord on the side. The brief comes in nine hues inspired by the elements of earth, water and fire.

Check out photos of various Rufskin swimwear in the gallery below. What do you think of the melodramatic shoot? Let us know in the comments or by tweeting @underwearexpert.

Photos: Rufskin

For more information about this brand: Rufskin


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