Philip Fusco Reaches 100,000 and More Underwear Model Instagram Pics

Philip Fusco

This week in Underwear Model Instagram photos, Philip Fusco snapped a shot of a Youtube video he made for his fans, thanking them for getting his Facebook likes up to 100,00o. The video features Fusco trying on some of his favorite underwear. Each pair came with a story. He felt like he owed a lot to Andrew Christian and Gregg Homme for his success. He also took some time to represent Italy. His favorite underwear was the Gregg Homme purple Wonder brief.

[VIDEO] Philip Fusco’s One Night Stand

From a model stripping down to a model suiting up, former face of Calvin Klein underwear, Garrett Neff, put on his best lederhosen outfit. The outfit is very seasonal for the month that brings us Oktoberfest and Halloween. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone with that outfit.

For more model instagram photos, check out the gallery below. What is your favorite Philip Fusco look? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting @underwearexpert.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Bonus Video: Philip Fusco Thanks His Fans

Video Credit: Philip Fusco via Youtube


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