The New ES Collection Campaign Goes Back to Its Roots

Andrew Christian Nanofit Breeze

ES Collection campaign

For the inspiration behind the latest ES Collection Campaign, the company remembers their beginnings and the city they hail from for the “Proud of Barcelona” 2013-2014 campaign.

The brand began as a textile company in 1958, and for the past 50 years, they continue to masterfully design every piece of underwear in their original building. While taking a look back at where they started, ES Collection has also mixed in some much appreciated modern touches to their overall campaign. You can see exactly how your favorite ES Collection underwear is made in the video below.

The video is a great example of how the brand continues to stay true to their roots over a half century later. The video also shows how the brand has come full-circle and that while honoring their past, they have incorporated modern fabric, patterns and colors into their collections.

ES Collection’s Product Manager, Eduardo Suñer, explains how important it is to remember your humble beginnings. “This campaign makes us feel proud of our beginnings, which will push us to continue with our heritage,” Suñer said. “This feeling is the only way to achieve the best product ever.”

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For more information on the brand: ES Collection

Photo Credit: Joan Cristol

Video Credit: Jon Gómez de la Peña


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  1. Sasha says:

    In the “Proud of Barcelona” picture with the 4 models, who is the model on the right in the black underwear?

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