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Garçon Model loves playing with colors, and their range of boxers boasts five bright and bold hues in white, black, red, green and blue. Athletic model, Munir Guerios shows off the popular primary blue boxer against a contrasting red background. The vibrant background highlights the silky, smooth appearance of this athletic boxer and it’s shiny waistband, which features Garçon Model’s moniker stamped the whole way around. We also know that the brand draws part of their design inspiration from classic artists such as Marcantonio Pasqualini and Bertel Thorvaldsen, so it’s obvious where their love for colors comes from.

Munir shows just how well the boxer range fits into an active man’s lifestyle, which falls in line with their super sporty trunk and brief collections. From the beautiful design to the durable construction, every pair embraces a male’s most eye-catching attributes while still providing the utmost comfort and range of motion. In some of the photos, you can see for yourself just how well these boxers play on the basketball court, or any other athletic field you might be on. The glossy and bold waistband peeks out from under Munir’s basketball shorts, proving that no matter what you wear them with, if anyone spots your Garçon Model waistband, they’ll know they are in for some serious competition. These sexy athletic boxers have quite the advantage over other athletic underwear brands.

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