Model of the Week: Shawn Cruz


Born: Charlotte, NC

Current Location: New York City

Relationship Status: Single

Astrological Sign: Capricorn

Height: 6′ 3″

Weight: 187 lbs

Waist: 27″

Shoe: 12

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Ethnicity: Caribbean Mix

My favorite underwear brands are…Bodywear by David Beckham, Polo, and Calvin Klein. My Bodywear underwear is just really comfortable, and I like the fit.

My favorite style of underwear are…trunks and briefs. Boxers are cool for once and while when you need some air down there. But, I like the fit. I also like to look kind of sexy underneath. I like to feel that when I take my pants off, I want to look presentable. You never know when you will be in your underwear. I want to be prepared at all times.

I would not to like to be caught in…printed underwear with like snowflakes or something kiddy or cheesy. I also wouldn’t want to be caught in a man thong.

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Working with Vince Chase…is great. I’ve learned so much by shooting with him numerous of times. Everything’s laid back, but we get a lot done. I do my thing, and he does his. It’s always quick. He’s one of my favorite photographers.

The most awkward thing I had to do at a photo shoot…is keep my abs tight for a long time. When you shoot for 2 hours in underwear, you have to keep them flexed and tight. It’s definitely a work out. A lot like yoga.

My favorite photo shoot…was my first test shoot in Tx. I was wearing Calvin Klein underwear, baking out in the sun for five hours. It was my first shoot, but I still use those shots in my portfolio. My favorite photo shoot atmosphere is one where everyone is on time, having fun and being efficient.

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Modeling menswear is different than modeling underwear is…you can’t get away with a lot when modeling underwear. You can see the essence of a man. You can see the build and the muscle tone. Modeling underwear is real close to being nude. I prefer modeling underwear because you can show yourself. It’s all you. It shows how much your work out and how healthy you are. I like to show that off.

My action figures growing up…inspired me to want to be a fitness model. I used to play out whole movies with them. I had Iceman and Wolverine from X-Men. They were my favorites and had great bodies. They inspired me as well as Rocky Balboa. In Rocky III, he slimmed down a bit and got toned. So, I wanted to look like that.

Fitness underwear differs from everyday underwear in that…they are very stretchable and can contain more polyester. They are a little bit tighter. I like to wear compression shorts to the gym. When you sweat in the gym, a cotton underwear can catch all of it and leave you uncomfortable. Compression shorts soak up the sweat better. You also want to wear a short that allows you to move. I wear Nike compression shorts and Adida compression shorts. But, I really don’t discriminate on the shorts, as long as they fit.

Check out Cruz modeling in a shoot for Vince Chase in the gallery below. Cruz talks diversity in modeling and his favorite NY hangout after the jump.

When I was a kid…I never thought I’d be modeling. I spent a lot of time sketching and painting. I thought I’d be the next Claude Monet. But, when I told my dad that, he was like, “you can’t be a starving artist.” So, I got into math, sports, and accounting. My passion grew in basketball. My family thought I’d be playing professionally. But, my friends would always tell me to start modeling. They’d take photos of me, and I became comfortable with it. I moved to Houston, TX and was in my first fashion show. Ever since, it just went off.

My favorite place in New York…are the parks. They remind me of home. I’m a country guy, so, I like trees and being out in nature. I also love the museums and any place with live Jazz music. I like trying out different Thai restaurants here too. I’m spontaneous when I go out in New York. I’d recommend people not plan out their nights. There is so much to explore. I know I like to just go out and find whatever I can find.

Diversity in modeling…is important. Diversity can span ethnicity and shapes. There are many different kinds of people. Many different kinds of beautiful people everywhere. If we were all the same, this world would be boring. All industries need to be able to connect to everyone.

Photo Credit: Vince Chase


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