Model of the Week: Shawn Cruz


Model of the Week, Shawn Cruz, was raised up to be a southern gentleman in his hometown of Richmond, VA. On a Thursday afternoon, we got a taste of this first hand. Cruz, who currently lives in New York, is signed to Chase Models NY, an agency that focuses on fresh talent and pushes for innovation from the talent it produces.

Cruz is not afraid to push himself. He is a self-proclaimed fitness nut. For Cruz, the gym is not only a place to work on his craft, it’s a second home. But, don’t be fooled. Though Cruz cares about maintaing his shape, he is not conceded. During our conversation, we got to travel back in time with Cruz to a simpler time when he’d create action stories with his action figures. Now he is on the road to wanting to star in one of his own within the next five years as well as create a name for himself in the modeling world.

Are you ready to stand under Cruz’s umbrella? The model talks man thongs, diversity in modeling, and what makes the best fitness underwear on the next page. As an added bonus, he’s even shared a gallery of photos he shot with photographer Vince Chase. 


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