Model of The Week: Jordan Steele

My favorite drink is…probably not good for you. But, I have to say, is Red Bull. Every day I need to get one in. Alcoholic I would say Jack Daniels.

I like to hope that people see me…as a nice guy.  Anyone that knows me knows I’m not big headed. I always try to put other people before myself.

My dream since I was a wee boy...was to become a firefighter. I haven’t been successful yet. I don’t know if that dream is over, but I’m having fun with the modeling.

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Being a father is…something I thought would never happen to me. I have two wee girls. My oldest will be five in December. My youngest will be two in January. The best thing that has ever happened to me was my daughter Mia being born. Kids make you grow up really quickly. I’m 26 now, and I feel like I’m a lot more mature than a lot of my friends.

My fiancee Louise is...a model as well. She stopped when she became pregnant with Mia. Then she went back to modeling and stopped again when she became pregnant with Faith. So, she’s been in and out. She’s been back to modeling now. The whole family is in the agency actually. I’ve done three shoots with my youngest, Faith, and two shoots with the family. It’s great working with family. My oldest absolutely loves it. My youngest just copies her sister with all the poses. It’s good fun.

My favorite underwear brand is…Armani.

My favorite cut are…trunks. My wife likes them on me as well.

The best place to go for a night out in Scotland is…Edinburgh. They have a tons of bars and clubs. It’s also great if you are coming to just look around. It’s beautiful. If you come to a festival, chances are you will bump into a few celebrities. My favorite place to go to in Edinburgh is my grams house. It’s great to get some home cooking.

My favorite tattoo is…a half sleeve of an angel on my left arm when my daughter was born. I haven’t regretted them because it reminds me of the day my life changed when she was born. But, there has been a backlash on a few jobs.

In five years…I’d love to be on the cover of Men’s Health. Hopefully, I will have a few more agencies. Some more representation. In my family, I would probably like to have a wee boy. I just want everyone to be happy. As long as my girls and everyone else is happy, the rest is alright.

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  1. helen steele says:

    Jordan is my grandson and he really is a nice guy he has a lovely caring nature, nothing is too much trouble for him Jordan phones me every day he has an amazing partner they are fantastic parents one of Jordan’s sayings to me and he has come out with this since a few times out of the blue since he was at primary school he just looked at me and say Nana I am truly blessed so am I Joe to have you guys. faults messy

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