Model of The Week: Jordan Steele


Born: Edinburgh, Scotland

Current Location: Glasgow, Scotland

Relationship Status: Engaged

Astrological Sign: Scorpio

Height: 6’1″

Weight: 203 lbs (14.5 Stones)

Waist: 32″

Shoe Size: 11

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Blue

Ethnicity: Scottish

Before modeling, I was…a builder for three years. Then Mr. Scotland happened. My partner had sent a picture of me in to No. 1 Magazine for the competition. I got a phone a call from the editors. I didn’t know I was in it and thought it was a joke. So, I didn’t get back to them. Then, I got another voicemail to come in for an interview. I was supposed to go to work that day but the site got closed down. So, it was kind of like fate. I went into the offices and met with the current Mr. and Mrs. Scotland at the time. They told me I had to wait for a phone call to see if I got it. Sure enough, I got the phone call. I won a contract with a modeling agency, a holiday, and some vouchers for shopping.

After I became Mr. Scotland…I got published in No.1 Magazine and had to go to the agency to speak to them about me pursuing modeling. One of the owners was honest with me when I asked her if I had any chance in modeling to pick up some extra money. She told me I had to watch what I was eating, take care of my skin, grow out my hair, and groom myself better. I went away for three months and did what I had to. I got some portfolio pictures done and sent them to the agency. After that, I started getting more modeling jobs and things got really busy. I never worked as a builder again.

When I workout, I wear…Nike Pro shorts. It’s good support.

My favorite photo shoot…in terms of images, was the one I just did with Specular. I’ve been trying hard this past six months to get into great shape. I wanted to get signed to an agency in London. Chris (Specular) can just see the way a picture is going to work. The pictures came back really good and my agency was really happy with them.

Working with Specular…was cool. He was one of those photographers that can make you feel at ease. I was quite nervous. I had been building up for that photo shoot for about six months. Training five days a week, and I was also on a strict diet. I’m quite critical of myself. You don’t want to put in all this work and get images that don’t work. But, he was really cool and laid back.

Plunging into water in D&G underwear was…absolutely freezing. I mean like freezing. I hadn’t been that cold in my life. I had to plunge into the water about five to six times because he had some different ideas and a video. It wasn’t that uncomfortable, but, it was definitely cold.

To view the finished product from the Specular shoot as well as read about Jordan’s love for his daughters, Scotland, and Armani trunks, continue on to the next page.


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  1. helen steele says:

    Jordan is my grandson and he really is a nice guy he has a lovely caring nature, nothing is too much trouble for him Jordan phones me every day he has an amazing partner they are fantastic parents one of Jordan’s sayings to me and he has come out with this since a few times out of the blue since he was at primary school he just looked at me and say Nana I am truly blessed so am I Joe to have you guys. faults messy

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