Model of The Week: Jordan Steele


On a Saturday night last week, we received a Facebook message from one of our favorite photographers, Specular. “Thought you may like this one :)” it read. Below those words, a video of model Jordan Steele falling into water was attached. After watching the video, we just knew we had to introduce this relatively new talent to you. When we began setting up the interview, we found out that the model was engaged, had two daughters, and hailed all the way from Scotland. A former builder, Steele began modeling after being named Mr. Scotland in a competition set up by No. 1 magazine.

When we rang him last Friday morning, which was around evening time in Glasgow, he was in the process of driving home. After taking some time to get home, we rang him again. “I know I probably have an American accent,” our reporter said. “So, you may need to ask me to repeat myself.” “That’s quite alright,” he joked back in a charmingly, thick scottish accent. “I’m pretty sure you will be the one that won’t be able to understand me.”

As the conversation went on, the self proclaimed “nice guy” emerged from the proverbial waters and told us about how having two daughters at a young age made him grow up really fast, his favorite brand of whisky, and how modeling underwear in freezing cold temperatures is far beyond glamourous.

Check out our interview with Steele, including a video and gallery of photos from his shoot with Specular, on the following pages.


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  1. helen steele says:

    Jordan is my grandson and he really is a nice guy he has a lovely caring nature, nothing is too much trouble for him Jordan phones me every day he has an amazing partner they are fantastic parents one of Jordan’s sayings to me and he has come out with this since a few times out of the blue since he was at primary school he just looked at me and say Nana I am truly blessed so am I Joe to have you guys. faults messy

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