Model of the Week: Jonathan Ackley

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Born: Llano, TX

Current Location: Austin, TX

Relationship Status: Taken

Astrological Sign: Libra

Height: 6′

Weight: 155 lbs

Waist: 29″

Shoe: 11

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Ethnicity: Caucasian

My favorite underwear brand is…Andrew Christian. I like the way they fit. I don’t have the biggest butt, but they make me look like I have a small bubble butt that I can twerk with. I love bright fun colors and stay away from blacks. In terms of cut, I like wearing low rise briefs.

On other men…I like low rise briefs too. I think it’s hot how they fit people. I like how it goes right under the V. So, if you have a V muscle that shows, it is really sexy.

The underwear I don’t like are…boxers, though I don’t hate them. It depends on whether they fit well or not. Usually they look saggy on the ass. Something that hugs and is a bit more tight fitting is way sexier.

To the gym…I like to wear boxer briefs. If I wear underwear that is too tight, my junk can’t breathe. If I wear boxers, my junk is just flopping around.

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I got interested in underwear modeling…because I wanted to be an actor. I’m from a small town. It’s a hard industry to break into. I thought maybe if I started modeling I could get noticed in that way. Maybe I could score a commercial and work my way up the ladder.

My first time modeling underwear…was awkward. I had just started modeling, and a photographer was going to shoot me at his house. It was paid gig, so I went but took my friends with me because I didn’t want to get murdered. He had a two story house. When we walked in, there were bullet shells. We thought we were going to get skinned and cooked alive. The actual shoot was in his garage. I never posed sexy before, and he wanted me in all these poses that were definitely awkward.

I’m going to school to…be a personal trainer. I go the College of Health Professions. I think there’s like three of them in Texas. Obesity runs in my family, and I wanted to do something that would help certain members. Jillian Michaels really inspires me, so I wanted to do something that gave back like she does.

My favorite place to go in Austin, TX…is downtown. I love the nightlife. We also have a lot of beautiful scenery like our town lake. But, I definitely still need to explore Austin a little more.

Check out Jonathan in the gallery below  and read on after the jump to find out which celebrity he would like to see in underwear and what it was like being out in small town in Texas.

The celebrity I would like to see more of in underwear is...Chris Evans.

My favorite movie is…the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. I used to watch it religiously every night before I went to bed. I love medieval stuff. I’m a huge nerd for things like that. Surprisingly, I’m not the biggest Game of Thrones fan though. I don’t have TV. I just watch Netflix and buy DVDs. I’m really into Spartacus.

An interesting fact about myself is…I’m in a Burlesque troupe with Sabra Johnson. She’s pretty much known for it in Austin. It’s called Sabra Johnson Burlesque. It’s three guys and eight girls. We have rehearsals every Sunday. Starting June of next year, we will have shows. Each show will have new routines and costumes.

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I was raised…nondenominational with roots in Pentecostalism. It was a pretty strict upbringing, so I was scared to come out to my parents. My sister’s not straight. So, my parents already had a child come out to them. Part of me was comforted, but, I also  had to see how they dealt with her coming out, which was the most ideal. But, we have a great relationship now. My mom invites me and my boyfriend over. I grew up in a little hillbilly town, but it wasn’t hard surprisingly. No one was really mean to me. I had friends who were gay.

My favorite tattoo is…the phoenix on my chest. My sister has it too on her back. We wanted to get something together. When a phoenix comes to the end of its life, it bursts into flames and is reborn from the ashes. It symbolizes how we’ve been through a lot. When we hit rock bottom, we were reborn stronger. I don’t like how the tail curves on my left peck though. It makes it look like I don’t have one.

In five years…I want to be an actor and somewhat of a known model. I’m a big dreamer. I may want to get into the whole singing thing. I have a lot of cliche dreams, but I have a lot of people that believe in me and support me. I’m not going to settle until I reach some form of success in those industries.

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