The Many Hues of Garçon Model

HOM by Umasam

hues of garçon model

If you haven’t heard or taken notice, Canadian underwear brand Garçon Model takes a ton of pride in the many art influences they infuse into their collections. Whether it’s a trunk inspired by one of Michelangelo’s glorious paintings or a brief that has been crafted after one of Rodin’s carefully carved sculptures, themes of art are apparent in both their underwear and photo shoot campaigns.

The latest photo shoot from Garçon Model proves their love for color. Set against a simple white wall, models Kory, Joshua and Dylan show off the Garçon Model trunk. In the photo set below, you’ll see how the colors change from a muted and neutral black, white and grey to a colorful spectrum of waistbands. The hues start to intensify as you move from picture to picture. Going from the noir white and black, a drop of blue hits the white and transforms into the blue trunks, which Kory graciously shows off. We then take a visit to the opposite side of the color spectrum when the red trunk on Dylan is added into the mix. The end result is, Garçon Model’s love for color never discriminates, with many of their collections and lines incorporating a myriad of hues and saturations from the color wheel and endless color combinations.

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Photo Credit: Garçon Model

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