GET THE LOOK: Adam Levine in Under Armour [GIF]

The Voice is gearing up for its third week of auditions starting tonight, although we can’t help but miss the heartfelt guidance of Shakira and the force of cool that Usher was. Thus far, the reunion of Cee Lo and Christina Aguilera with fellow judges Adam Levine and Blake Shelton has given us a nice nostalgic pat on the back, and Cee Lo’s crazy hair cut (or tattoo?).

This season has also given our first Adam Levine underwear sighting of the season. Excited that an incarnate Whitney Houston belter chose him over the desperate pleas of Christina, Adam found his way to the floor, giving us a quick peek of his black Under Armour boxer briefs. Judging from the waistband, we can tell that he was wearing the Under Armour Mesh boxer-jock.

Check out our gallery below to learn more about the look as well as four more suggestions that will definitely push your buttons…in a good way.

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Photo Credit: NBC/Under Armour


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