Funky Trunks Rounds Out the Year with The Pixel Mix Collection


Just as we do our weekly and monthly roundups at The Underwear Expert, Funky Trunks and Funkita is ending their year on a positive note where they have rounded up the best from their previous season for the Pixel Mix collection.

Taking advantage of the #hashtag generation that has swept social media, their Pixel Collection is something for the digital age. Focusing on pixelated patterns and QR code inspired prints with a loud roar, this photo spread highlights a handful of their best items. In the photos, you will find the models queued up in pieces from their Growl Baby, Razor, Ocean Sand and QRQT designs.

This swimwear brand caters to Olympic athletes and the most notable campaigns always revolve around the swimming pool. All of their models look like they are ready to swim laps for the gold in their swimwear that was carefully selected for the Pixel Mix collection. When you think of this great roundup, think, #contrast, #color and #cool! Let us know which pair of swimwear is your favorite by hash tagging @underwearexpert.

For more information on the brand: Funky Trunks

Photo Credit: Funky Trunks


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