Fall Into These 10 Fashion Long Johns

fashion long johns

Did you grow up watching A Christmas Story? Yes, we know that Christmas is a couple of months away, but as we are sifting through seasonal underwear, we can’t help but think of that scene where Ralphie’s mom overdresses his brother with a million layers. He’s so overdressed that when he falls, he finds it absolutely impossible to get back up. It’s one of the most remembered scene from the film.

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What does this have to do with fashionable long johns? Well, like Ralphie’s brother, we have memories of growing up in New York with moms that would bundle us up. We used to hate it. As a adults, we have a better understanding of what below zero degrees Fahrenheit actually  means and can appreciate our moms a little more. But, we also remember some of our least favorite long johns. For a lot of us, they were definitely function over fashion; they were ribbed, oatmeal colored, and felt pretty cheap on the skin. Though they were atrocious, they did the trick.

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As a kid with fashion defined by aged parents, you don’t have much choice. But, as an adult and, most importantly, as an Underwear Expert, you shouldn’t be caught dead in uncomfortable gear. There are so many different kinds of long johns to look into for Fall and Winter. Fashionable long johns that are perfect for different activities, made with different fabrics, and designed with colors and prints that are fun.

Check out our gallery below of 10 brands with fashion long johns that range from the colorful to the printed. Did yours make our list? Sound off in the comments below or by tweeting @underwearexpert.

Photo Credit: N2N, Jack Adams, PACT, Muchchachomalo, Jockey, Nasty Pig, C-IN2, Malebasics, American Apparel, Bjorn Borg

For more information about these brands: N2N, Jack Adams, PACT, Muchchachomalo, Jockey, Nasty Pig, C-IN2, Malebasics, American Apparel, Bjorn Borg


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