The Ever Enticing Modus Vivendi Thelear Line

Greek underwear brand Modus Vivendi has recently announced their newest collection, the ΔΕΛΕΑΡ line, which is pronounced as Thelear, and is Greek for something that is “attractive, desirable or enticing; this is offered as an incentive to persuade someone who hesitates (possibly for moral reasons),” explained Thanos Giagtzis, marketing director for Modus Vivendi.

Check the BTS pictures and video of their highly stylized and dark campaign video. The models show off the collection’s pieces which were inspired by the Greek word, “thelear,” making them very desirable and attractive. The real inspiration behind the video is an artistic presentation of the collection as a whole, which is highly innovative and represents the extreme, the provocative and the sensual. The collection is comprised of all black pieces including a mesh cock ring, latex boxer, an apron, whips, latex pants and a latex skirt. The entire look of the collection aligns with the campaign perfectly for its dark, adventurous and sexual appeal.

The Modus Vivendi Thelear Line is available now! Tell us if you will play out your darkest fantasy in this collection by tweeting @underwearexpert.

jFor  more information on the brand: Modus Vivendi

Photo Credit: Dimitris Skoulos

Video Credit: Dimitris Tsatsoulis

Sponsored by Modus Vivendi.


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