Essential Hiking Underwear for Your Next Trip Into The Wilderness


Whether you’re going on a leisurely stroll through the Appalachian Mountains or an intense month-long hike through the French Alps, there are certain items you cannot leave at home. Sure, you’ll need all the hiking necessities: boots, a backpack, compass, plenty of water and bug spray. However, there is one vital item that is often overlooked– your underwear!

Being one with Mother Nature means battling against the elements and we have addressed four of the main problems you’ll most likely face during your adventures. Lucky for you, we’ve complied a list of items that will help you overcome these issues so you can enjoy all the glory of hiking.

Check out the gallery below for our suggestions and read further down to see how they will help!

Hiking is a sport that can be enjoyed year-round, however, many people plan their trips around the fall and spring seasons when the weather is the most pleasant. No matter which hiking trail you choose, a beautiful day can turn into a chilly night, and that is why uncomfortable coldness is the first problem we have taken care of. To stay completely warm during your hikes, you’ll want to pack these four snug and comfy items: the Ibex Woolies 2200 Boxer, N2N Campfire Thermal boxer, Jack Adams Core Long Johns and Happy Socks Block Wool Socks.

Quick Drying:
Hiking means exposure to many of earths elements– and many of those elements are wet. So you’ll want something that will keep you as dry as possible to prevent chafing and odor. The ideal underwear for these situations must have moisture wicking capabilities, such as the Oakley P.E. Boxer Briefs, Icebreaker Anatomica Short Sleeve Crew, Jam Fit Long Boxer and the C-IN2 Grip which dries unbelievably fast.

Odor Resisting:
Packing for extended hiking trips is a burden. You need hiking survival gear, but you also want to pack as little as possible to lighten the load. That usually means recycling your underwear for days on end. But, as we always say, don’t sweat the small stuff, especially when it comes to your underwear. When packing for longer trips, think of underwear that will hold up for multiple days. To combat this problem, many brands have created odor-resisting pairs of underwear like Patagonia Men’s Lightweight Briefs, Duluth Trading Co. Buck Naked Performance Boxers, Tommy John 360 Active Boxer Brief and Under Armour HeatGear Boxer Jocks.

Stay Fresh:
If a nice short hike through your local mountains or woods is on the agenda, stay fresh before, during and after your hike is a necessity. Great choices include Exofficio Give-N-Go Brief, Bluebuck Ben Cohen Trunk, Smart Wool NTS Light 195 Boxer Brief and the Equmen Core Precision Crew Neck Undershirt for its powers to improve posture and enhance circulation.

Make sure to add some of these crucial hiking underwear items to you next packing list so you can have the most enjoyable hiking experience ever. Let us know which pairs you plan on packing for your next trip by tweeting @underwearexpert.

Photo Credit: Equmen, Bluebuck, Exofficio, Smart Wool, Under Armour, Tommy John, Duluth Trading Co., Patagonia, Oakley, Icebreaker, Jam, C-IN2, Happy Sock, Jack Adams, Ibex and N2N.


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