The C-IN2 Hand Me Down V-Neck Flatters All

C-In2 Hand Me down

Item Reviewed: C-IN2 Hand Me Down Ringer V-Neck T-Shirt in Lightning Bug

About The Product: This v-neck t-shirt is part of C-IN2’s Hand Me Down collection, which gets a color update every season. For this season’s design, they went with a vintage collegiate feel, with bold colors and a preppy horizontal stripe effect. The shirt has a burnt look which is normally seen in mostly outerwear, and rarely on an undershirt like this one. The v-neck is super deep with a 10″ cut.

What We Like: As soon as we slipped this v-neck on, we fell in love with the touch and feel of the fabric. It is amazingly light and airy. The way the shirt is cut is extremely flattering on our torsos. The end of the short sleeves has a sort of extended woven piece around it, with it already falling at the bicep, this piece of fabric hugs them and makes them look insanely bigger. The v-cut is pretty deep, but it isn’t wide like a bunch of other shirts on the market, making it slimming and making our pecs look, to be totally honest, bigger than they really are. Also, it is marketed as an undershirt, but we wore this as a top to go out in and the green/yellowish color definitely made us stand out in the crowd, just like a lightning bug would!

What We Didn’t Like: The one drawback about this shirt was the length of it and where it fell on the body. The lower half of it is very long and it extended past our crotches on our jeans. While this was the one con, it did shrink a bit after the first wash.

Who We’d Recommend Them To: Skinnier guys who want to look bigger. Anyone who wants to get noticed in a sea of people

When We’d Wear Them: These truly are great as just a top for a night out, such as a movie and dinner date. Or wear them the way C-IN2 created them for, to just hang out at home in your underwear.

Describe These Underwear In Three Words: Snug, Airy and Bright


Style: V-Neck T-Shirt
Pouch: N/A
Rise: N/A
Coverage: Pretty much full coverage, minus the short sleeves.
Fit: To a tee!
Waistband: N/A
Fabric: 60% Cotton/40% Polyester
Retail: $35 USD
Collection Colors: Lightning Bug, Orange Pepper, Ash Grey and Voodoo
Collection Tops: Ringer Tank and Ringer Crew Neck T-Shirt
Collection Bottoms: Brief, No Show Profile Brief, No Show Army Trunk, Runner Boxer Short
Collection Sizes: S-XL
Made In: United States

For more information on this brand: C-IN2

Photo Credit: C-In2

Product provided by C-IN2


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