[BTS] The 2xist 2014 Fashion Show

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On October 10, 2013, one of the events The Underwear Expert anticipates all year went down in New York City. Held in the IAC building in Chelsea, the 2xist 2014 fashion show took place, and it was one for the record books. We’ve reported on the show itself with an exclusive interview from 2xist’s VP of Design and Communication, Jason Scarlatti. However, before the video was played where André Ziehe and Emmett Pugh danced on the walls in front of us, and the 16 hand selected models glided down the runway, we got to see them backstage.

[NEWS/PHOTOS] Complete Coverage of The 2xists 2014 Fashion Show

Going backstage is always a high. You get the chance to see everything that was put into an 11 minute show boiled down to an hour before the models step out in front of the audience. There are opportunities to chit chat with the models, who were all amazingly friendly and funny. We also got to chat with some of the hair dressers and make up artists about the looks they wanted for the event. A pre-preview of the underwear and clothes the models will slip on. But, most importantly, we were able to get some photos of the guys as they prepared to show off their bodies and the 2xist goods to a very anxious audience.

[PHOTOS] André Ziehe at MAGIC Trade Show in Las Vegas 

Below you’ll find a gallery filled with BTS shots of the 2xist models as they lounge about during the final touches just moments before the show. Some recognizable faces include new frontman Eian Scully, Emmett Pugh who was all over MB Fashion Week and the one and only face of 2xist, André Ziehe.

For more information on the brand: 2xist

Photo Credit: Balthier Corfi


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  1. Pete says:

    2xist is my all time favorite undie..they fit extremely well, and hold their shape…
    i have about 15 pairs, boxerbriefs and briefs.

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