#TUXThrowback: Unusual Underthings AKA 70s Mesh Underwear

Today’s Throwback Thursday photo brings us to funk town and back. There are a few things that are confusing about the 70’s ad. First off, the name “Unusual Underthings” is pretty awkward. Imagine if we were The Underthings Expert. Also, we are left to wonder if the underwear is the underthing or if someone’s package is the underthing. Anyway you put it… pretty awkward.

[PHOTO] #TUXThrowback: Jack Scalia

Secondly, who is that angel figure. Are they going for a good and evil vibe? Has she been sent to save him from the underthing? Maybe she is the underthing in question.

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The one thing we are happy to see is the timelessness of mesh underwear. Actually, it looks like it was a lot more mainstream back at the time of that ad. Unfortunately, the company is no longer around. But, we’ve provided some great mesh/fishnet options from for you if you want to recreate the retro look. Check it them out below.

Photo Credit: via tumblr


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