2xist 2014 Fashion Show Runway And BTS Coverage

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Last night, 2xist held their annual underwear fashion show at the very sleek IAC building in Chelsea and The Underwear Expert was everywhere. From backstage to front row, we got the inside scoop on all of the work that built up to this monumental moment from 2xist’s Creative Director, Jason Scarlatti.

Backstage, we had the opportunity to get a few sneak peeks of the models getting their final touches before the show and we were able to chat with the one and only Jason, who graciously welcomed us and was genuinely excited to share some insider information. To start things off, we asked how he was doing and how thrilled he was to show all of his hard work to the world.

“Preparation has actually been seamless. We work with an amazing PR firm, LaForce + Stevens, to its been a couple of weeks to get the final production down, the biggest worries have really been hair and makeup,” Jason enthusiastically said.

He then went on to share what we were about to experience by telling us that this year’s show would be completely different from past runway shows. Last year, the 2xist fashion show was all about high drama, complete with Broadway actors, which proved to be a spectacular show.

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However, this year’s show would reflect the collections themselves, which are “high-end, very technical and modern, so you’ll see a lot of those inspirations in our underwear and the production,” Jason said. He went further into the thoughts and ideas behind his masterpieces.

“What sets 2xist apart this season is we really went architectural and very linear, so you’ll see a lot of those lines in the designs,” Jason explained. “Whether it’s lines in the waistbands or a chevron print. The fabrications this year are very modern and technical, there is moisture wicking fabrics, you’ll see that whether it is repeated in our Mesh line or Pro line. Also, a ton of sporty elements were put in and you’ll see it infused within all of the lines.

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Before the actual show started, we experienced the “production” that Jason kept referring to. The video we witnessed before the models hit the floor was awe-inspiring. Projected across the entire wall opposite of our seats, we watched the 2xist models tease us in a video with kaleidoscope and mirrored images. In the beautifully orchestrated video, we watched the models dance, jiggle and resemble Gods on the big screen. The models looked great and the video really built up the crowds’ anticipation to see these beautiful guys in the flesh and in their 2xist underwear.

Jason let us in on what makes the perfect 2xist model and how he selects them. “There is a 2xist look for me. It’s guys who are very healthy and well rounded, that doesn’t mean the gym look, but I go for the life oriented look. A really healthy look, they take care of their bodies and their skin. Confidence is key and that comes from the inside. If you talk to any of these guys they are really fun. They are always part of our family and they have the 2xist trademark stamped on them.”

As the video came to a close, the lights went down and the face of 2xist, Brazilian model, André Ziehe opened the show. Made up of six ranges, we finally saw what Jason talked about. Lines, lines and more lines! They went left, right, vertical, horizontal, zigzagged, crisscrossed and some were even blurred into all of the mesh we saw.

[PHOTOS] André Ziehe at MAGIC Trade Show in Las Vegas

Jason told us what to expect backstage, but we don’t think it was enough to prepare us for all of the bold and fun colors and, the newest thing 2xist is dabbling in, activewear. There were lounge pants, joggers – which we must have – hoodies, athletic shorts, tank tops and henleys and some great swimwear tossed in the mix to round the entire collection out.

For more information of the brand: 2xist

Photo Credit: Randy Brooke


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  1. sequenceoftweet says:

    I’m loving the collection with the metallic 2(x)ist logos in green/blue and black/blue–any word on the name of the collection, what material it is made of, and when it will be released?
    I’m also digging the black brief the green 2(xist) logo and grey racing-like lines–from my research, that collection may be called Turbo…any word of the material and release date?
    thanks in advance!

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