13 Spooktacular Brands To Shop Halloween Underwear


BOO! Okay, now that we have successfully scared you to bits, we are excited to officially begin the season of Halloween here at The Underwear Expert. Halloween is a fun and playful time when it comes to you and your underwear, and we can’t wait to see what certain brands have in store for us all this season as well as experience what creative ideas you have to share with us.

When it comes to getting ready for Oct.31, there are many ways you can show off your spooky spirit. Are you the guy who likes to wear jack o’ lantern underwear? Maybe you are the person that just likes your subtle orange and black combo. Or maybe, the only time  you think about your Halloween underwear is the few seconds before you head out to your favorite local parade.

Really, it doesn’t matter which kind of guy you are. We’ve found 13 brands that will help you get into the mood for the scariest night of the year with their Halloween underwear.

Photo Credit: AussieBum, Fun boxers, Old Navy, Unico, J. Crew, Topman, Frank Dandy, papi, Gregg Homme, Ginch Gonch, Happy Socks, PPU, Jack Adams

For more information about these brands: AussieBum, Mundo Unico, Topman, Frank Dandy, papi, Gregg Homme, Ginch Gonch, PPU Jack Adams


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