Wrecking Ball Parodies: Top 5 Underwear Moments

Last week, in the midst of discussing the best underwear moments from Blurred Lines Parodies, a new line of underwear parodies were getting prepared for our viewing pleasure. Their target? Miley Cyrus’ new Wrecking Ball video. And why not? A video featuring melodramatic crying, underwear, and nude swinging on a wrecking ball was just calling to be parodied. We’ve already brought you Bryan Hawn‘s semi-crude take on the video, but, is that one our ultimate favorite?

Check out our top 5 underwear moments from Wrecking Ball parodies below.

5) Nicolas Cage came in like a Wrecking Ball

This video of Nicolas Cage’s face plastered o the body of Miley Cyrus is only 8 seconds long, but, do we want more than eight seconds? I didn’t think so. It ends up at number 5 because Cage isn’t really wearing underwear, but, he can pull off that white Cyrus hipster…we think. Have fun trying to erase this from your minds.

4) Froese ‘n Cons never hit so hard in love

This video by Forese ‘n Cons doesn’t feature a wrecking ball, hammer, or nude swinging. We also feel that the video strangely takes itself too seriously. The guy’s lipsynching is a bit off and may be a better actor than Cyrus. That said, the hot mess factor of this video makes it a perfect Cyrus parody.

3) Bryan Hawn never meant to start a war

We reported on Bryan Hawn’s version of Wrecking Ball last week, and, it still has us talking. There is no swinging, but there is plenty of exercise ball action to make up for it. It’s not much of a parody as it is eye candy, but, it definitely brings underwear to the forefront.

2) All Greg James wanted was to break your walls

BBC DJ Greg James ranks high on our list for actually recreating the video, down to the tats. He brilliantly satirizes the melodramatic emotion throughout the video and has the best hammer make out session. We also love the strategically placed promotion.

1) King The Kid just wanted you to let them in

We are in love with this Wrecking Ball cover. We’re sure that it will be featured on the next Punk Goes Pop compilation. King The Kid ranks high on our list because it is a homemade video that captures all the iconic moments from the video. The members of the band are also all rocking out in their undies.

Which is your favorite Wrecking Ball Parody? Let us know in the comments section or by tweeting @underwearexpert.

Video Credit: Youtube


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