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Last Thursday was the official kick off of the NFL season. Doesn’t it feel like just yesterday Beyonce caused her blackout at the Super Bowl?

Here at The Underwear Expert, we are taking an enthusiastic interest in football this season because, believe it or not, it has inspired some of our most recent favorite jocks. Underear brands Timoteo, Cell Block 13, Jack Adams, Pistol Pete, Andrew Christian and more combined elements of the classic athletic jock with structural elements found in football uniforms this season; the results are nothing short of a touch down.

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Two popular elements can be found in the football jock: front pouch lacing and athletic color accents. In our favorite athletic jock styles, brands have integrated lace-up pouches, (see the Jack Adams Footballer Lace-Up Jockstrap; Get the Look below) and contrasting color accents often incorporating a double stripe, a popular design element of authentic athletic gear (see the Timoteo Rugby Lace Up Athlete Jock; Get the Look below).

Below, we highlight five athletic jockstrap styles you’ll need in your locker this season.

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Photo Credit: Timoteo, Cell Block 13, International Jock, Jack Adams, Andrew Christian

For more information about these brands: Timoteo, Cell Block 13, Pistol Pete, Jack Adams, Andrew Christian


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