[WATCH] Models Strip for Fashion Show

Parke & Ronen NYFW

This Friday, menswear brand Parke & Ronen will be showing at New York Fashion Week. Though Parke & Ronen is a brand that has multiple pieces in their collection, it is best known for its swimwear. That can only mean one thing: a need for male models with fit bodies.

In this behind the scenes video from Racked.com, we get a glimpse into the process of choosing these models. From a selection of about 300 guys, only 23 will be chosen to represent Parke & Ronen at Fashion Week. “We are looking for guys with a little bit of meat on the body,” says Ronen Jehezkel, one half of the design team for Parke & Ronen. “Then we get them in a swimsuit/bikini. If they can walk in a bikini effortless, then they’re good.”

Amongst the models featured in the video, personality also seems to be one of the keys to differentiating each model from the other models. “You have to have a big amount of confidence that shows. And if that shows, you’re golden,” said Wilhemina Models’ Travis Bland, one of the hopefuls vying for a chance at the Parke & Ronen NYFW show.

Check out the behind the scenes casting video below. Who would you like to see walk the runway for Parke & Ronen? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting @underwearexpert.

Photo/Video Credit: via Racked

For more information about this brand: Parke & Ronen


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