[Video] A Light Sophistication With Charles Van Der Pear Boxer Campaign

Charles van der Pear Boxer Campaign

Fresh out of the metaphorical box of new brands, New York based brand Charles van der Pear is quickly flooding the underwear scene. Backed by designer Karl van der Paer, the brand is introducing a variety of boxers that exude luxury and fun. Sophistication and underwear are two entities that don’t always mesh together easily, but Charles van der Pear has quickly perfected this medium and, like a fine wine, is still getting better with age.

The premiere Charles van der Pear Boxer campaign shows off items from the twelve-piece collection. Each masterfully crafted boxer is fashioned with an array of stripes and plaid patterns with names inspired by New York City neighborhoods and streets. What puts Charles van der Pear on an entirely different playing field is the brand’s masterfully crafted pouch design, something that is often lacking from your average boxer.

The video and photos were filmed and shot at a palatial penthouse apartment with spectacular views of New York City. The campaign photos help to define the brand image with a touch of high-class and a zest for life; both can be seen by the two models laughing and lounging around the apartment.

Check out the images for the Charles van der Pear boxer campaign below and stay tuned for more information about this exciting boxer collection.

For more information on the brand: Charles van der Pear

Photo credit: Charles van der Pear

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