Under the Miami Sun in HOM Swimwear

HOM Swimwear

French underwear leader HOM also has an amazing swimwear line that is inspired by the colorful and vibrant city of Miami. The massive collection has 24 individual products that come in five series in either solid colors or playful prints. The Marine Chic Stripe (€39-€65) is a range of sailor striped swimwear that comes in six lengths and cuts and is available in multiple colors. The long beach boxer, beach boxer and short beach are all made with 100% polyamide outer and 100% polyester inner lining. These three come in four color options: orange, blue, light blue and black. The three tighter pieces in the range are the shorty, mini and micro in two color options: navy and white striped and blue and white striped.

The Miami Vichy range (€55-€65) has three style options including Long Beach Boxer, Boxer Beach and Short Beach in a timeless blue and white gingham pattern. These shorts are made from 100% polyamide and do not have a liner, but they do offer a drawstring cord.

The more creative of the bunch is the Miami Fish (€45-€75); this range is available in a boxer beach, shorty and a micro in colorful prints in the same array of solid colors offered in the collection, but with teeny, tiny fishes swimming about the swimwear.

The Porto Alege range (€49-€65) could be mistaken for a striped beach umbrella. This look is available in three cuts: short short, micro and boxer beach and is constructed with 100% polyamide outer and 100% polyester inner lining. There are two shades of vertical stripes available in either Miami neon by day or Miami neon at night.

The last range is the Marine Chic (€29-€55) which comes in the bright solid colors that can be found on Miami facades and in the surrounding environment including light green, red, turquoise, rose, orange, blue, light blue, black and yellow. The Marine Chic range is available in five cuts, mini, shorty, boxer beach, short brief, which all have a drawstring, while the micro comes sans drawstring.

HOM Swimwear collection is available in sizes XS-XXL.

For more information on this brand: HOM

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