#TBT: Top Twin Underwear Models

It’s Throwback Thursday on The Underwear Expert, and, today, we are throwing back to a post that had us seeing double. This past June, you couldn’t get enough of our post TGIF! 10 Twins In Underwear. There is just something about twin underwear models. One commenter said it was “double the sexiness” and “double the fun.” We couldn’t agree more.

[Photos] Top Ten Twin Underwear Models

We are also resurrecting the twin post because we’ve noticed a twin trend happening in the world of fashion. For the past few weeks, we’ve seen shoots by Gay Times magazine and Jared Bautista that put some fresh faced twins in the limelight.

Check out our updated gallery of 13 sets of twin underwear models below. Are twins double the fun? Let us know in the comments or by tweeting @underwearexpert.

Photo Credit: Rick Day, Joseph Sinclair, Michael A. Downs, Damon Barker, Abercrombie & Fitch, Francesco Scontrini, Justin Taylor, Simon, Papi, Cristiano Madureira, Kevin Slack, Greg Vaughan, Leigh Keily, Mherck Caponpon, Paola Kudacki, Jared Bautista


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