The Ultimate Guide To Andrew Christian Models Part III

For those who haven’t been following our catalogue of Andrew Christian underwear models, let’s recap. In Part I, we learned that Noah Wright liked to create floral arrangements, Cory Lee owns over 60 pairs of Andrew Christian underwear, and Samuel Garfield appeared on Glee. In part II, we dug up some more secrets. We found out that Shawn Stolz was also a hairdresser, Colby Melvin appeared on an episode of The Price is Right, and Nicco Sky got his name from a band.

Just when you thought we couldn’t list anymore, we dug even deeper into the Andrew Christian underwear model vault and found ten more models who we couldn’t help but learn a little more about. A lot of these men came before Wright, Garfield, and Stolz, helping to establish the qualities of the Andrew Christian underwear models of today. We’ve also managed to find at least one fresh face that we thought you guys should start to get to know.

Check out part three of our Ultimate Guide to Andrew Christian Models below. Did  your favorite make it into our trilogy? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting @underwearexpert.

Photo Credit: Andrew Christian/Facebook


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