Taylor Lautner Reps Ellen and More TV Star Underwear Sightings

We are going through a bit of a dry season when it comes to TV Underwear Sightings here in the States. But, don’t you worry, there are plenty of celebrities getting caught in their undies overseas. For instance, fans caught Taylor Lautner at a televised event in Manila, Philippines. The event was to promote Bench Clothing, but the only clothing we were concentrated on were Lautner’s Ellen boxer shorts. This shows us one thing about our favorite celebrities. It doesn’t matter how much money they make, they will still wear free stuff.

Over in Spain, Channing Tatum was “Channing-ing his Tatum” over at a variety show called El Hormiguero. He may have gotten beat by a toddler in basketball, but he was a winner in our books for flashing his white underwear.

Finally, now that HBO’s True Blood and MTV’s Teen Wolf are on hiatus, we’d like to point out that ABC Family seems to be the new place for some great TV Underwear Sightings. We caught Blair Redford from Switched at Birth and Chris Zylka from Twisted baring some skin and baring some waistband over on the network. So, set your Tivos everyone.

Check out full photos of this week’s TV Star Underwear Sightings in the gallery below. Will you be tuning into ABC Family? Let us know in the comments section or by tweeting @underwearexpert.

Photo Credit: Just Jared, Male Celeb News


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