#Stud: Jake Bass Twerks And More Underwear Model Instagram and Vine Vids

Underwear models are just like you and me. They eat, laugh, participate in random shenanigans, and love to document all of those in 6/15 sec videos on Vine or Instagram. This week’s batch of Underwear Model Instagram and Vine Vids has Jake Bass showing us how to twerk, Steven Dehler swinging on bars, and Colby Melvin discovering the magical World of Leggings.

Check out the Underwear Model Instagram And Vine Vids below and let us know in the comments section or by tweeting @underwearexpert if Bass has what it takes to compete with the boys from Andrew Christian.

Model of the Week Steven Dehler told us he loved to swing on monkey bars. Now, we see why.

Colby Melvin never knew World of Leggings could be so magical. Look at all those leggings!

Max Ryder snaps a video of Jake Bass “twerking.” We think there may be some confusion.

Damien Pannier takes is behind the scenes of a Macy’s shoot.

Jeffrey Hawkins and Murray Swanby spend some time with a clown.

Quinn Jaxon goes to town on that harmonica!

Johnathan Myers wants to wish you a happy Fresh Friday.

It’s always a good time for Rodiney Santiago.

Leonardo Corredor gives a sneak peek at his latest project. Kind of makes us want to watch Willy Wonka.

Ben Godfre explains the LA crowd.

Video Credit: via Vine


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