Slick It Up Body Suits are Sleek and Sexy


Slick It Up Body Suits

New York based apparel company, Slick It Up has added four new body suits to their collection. The new pieces are designed around a simple aesthetic: sex appeal. The body suits are super sleek and ooze sexiness, and you’ll feel invincible or possibly even like a super hero. Every piece is constructed using spandex that has a latex-esque look, but the spandex material makes it completely malleable stretching and retracting for every wear.

To really channel your inner super hero, the Scorpio Suit ($134) gives you a cutting edge look. This short sleeve and leg body suit is composed predominantly of spandex, but has mesh cutouts on the sides and back to show off that Superman-like body you’re rocking underneath. The look features a chest zipper, and a separate zipper on the crouch and butt.

Accentuating one of the hottest parts of a guy’s physique, the ‘V’ effect on fit men’s torsos, The Double Zip Unitard ($124) cuts that V even deeper. This body sculpting body suit features lines on the waist that form an even narrower waist. It also has two zippers, one in the back and front for ease of access.

After making a splash at a high-powered wedding this past spring, the Slick Tuxedo ($164) was mass produced for the public, who responded positively to the custom made body suit for Francois Sagat. This suit is made in the latex like spandex, but also has a a matte white dress “shirt” with small touches such as white peeking out from the short sleeve as well as latex insets on the shorts to give the look of tuxedo pants. Unlike the picture, the bow-tie, gloves, garters, socks and boutonniere do not come with the outfit, for those are touches you can add your own style to. You’ll sure make a statement at the next wedding you attend by either being gawked and awed at or kicked out.

Inspired by Herve Leger’s bandage dress, the Body Harness ($84) is made out of elastic bands that are woven over the body frame. The lines are clean and remain masculine, highlighting all of the greatest parts of a man’s body. This look is also available with complementing jock, forearm band and short gloves for a total price of ($144).

Slick It Up Body Suits are available in two size options: Small/Medium and Medium/Large, but the retailer suggests if you’re unsure, go smaller for the material will stretch out and meld to your body.

Let us know which sexy ‘super hero’ look you would wear for this year’s Halloween or just for a special occasion by tweeting @underwearexpert.

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  1. Sam says:

    They take 5 days to reply to an email, and then they are rude in their response, and cannot say exactly when they will dispatch goods they have already taken money for. I will never purchase from them again and i am still waiting to get my delivery!

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