Show Off Your Dogs with Charlie Dog Boxers

Charlie Dog Boxers

It is a known fact that while walking a dog, especially if it is adorable, people will flock over to pet your pooch. It is even more well known that walking a dog is a great way to get attention and hopefully pick up a date or two. And thanks to Charlie Dog Boxer Company, we now have another dog associated benefit, but this one involves underwear!

As you walk around or travel with your Charlie Dog boxers, snap a pic and send it their way. The ‘Show Off Your Dogs” campaign asks Charlie Dog fans to upload pics of their well-travelled underwear to their website and as a reward you get 25% off of your next order. It’s a win-win, your dog gets to see the world and you get more – and cheaper – dogs and by showing off your dog, you may even get a date out of it.

If you wondering exactly what dog you want to show off, first check out all of the underwear out of the A and B collections to see everything Charlie Dog Boxer Co. has to offer. And if you want to see how good you’ll look in a pair, check out the photo shoot for A and B ranges, and the behind the scenes photos as well.

For more information on the brand: Charlie Dog

Photo Credit: Charlie Dog and Individual Submitters.


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