Save Yourself From A Collected Threads Undershirt Violation

Collected Threads Undershirt Violations

Guys, we’ve all been there. You can feel it happening from the moment it begins.That fresh dress shirt that you just put on is already getting damp. The day’s sweat has built up from the commute to work or from the unexpected nerves during a work presentation. The sweat begins to flood out of places you didn’t think could even sweat. Every single body movement for the rest of the day must be strategically planned, so those dark spots are not revealed to co-workers or friends.

After a day of frustrating and un-sexy sweat stains, you try something to combat it. You don an undershirt as your saving grace to sop up the sweat.That should do it right? Wrong. While undershirts may help to fight off your sweating problem, you begin to face another unruly issue– unless you choke yourself with that painful, top collar button, your can’t keep your basic T from showing through.

This is when Collected Threads steps in with an ‘Undershirt Violation.’ You’ve been charged– but don’t worry, the fine isn’t as bad as the humiliation you’ve caused yourself by showing off sweat stains or the glaring white of an undershirt. Collected Threads simply asks you to try one of their finely engineered undershirts called jT shirts. These t-shirts were created to solve every undershirt problem that has ever caused men shame.

Started by Jesse Szynal in 2005, the shirts are constructed with an ultra low neck line and shortened sleeves that will never show when you decide to pop off a button or two, or decide to roll up your sleeves once the day is over. Since its original development, the 100% combed cotton jT undershirt has gone under various stages of reconstruction to fulfill wearers wants and needs. The sewn-in label has been removed and replaced with a tagless label. The fabric has been slimmed around the waist to defeat bunching and it has been lengthened to stay in place. Most recently, the brand has released two new colors to accompany the white jT; the additional color options come in grey and black.

Stop sweating about sweat stains and try this simple solution. The jT shirt will keep the sweat from showing, the undershirt from popping out, and too top it all off, it is extremely comfortable. You’ll even forget it’s there, while people around you won’t have the slightest idea you’re wearing one. They’ll think you just know how to keep your cool all day long!

The Collected Thread jT Undershirt is available in sizes S-XL.

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