Play Shirts Vs. Skins With Teamm8 Sportswear Collection


These three jocks play a healthy round of basketball in Teamm8‘s newest line of sportswear, until they work up a sweat and start to strip down…

The three models in the photographs and video “go at it” on the court while wearing the full range of athletic gear including the Rider Sweat Pant, Raglan Long Sleeve T, Lane shorts, Hang Shorts, Rib Tank and Raglan Cut-Off T. The boys also take a few water breaks by posing agains a wire fence as sweat drips down their ripped torsos.

The brand’s new sportswear collection is a nice leap from from their many successful underwear collections, like the stylish and sexy Super Low Rise brief; we’re excited for the Teamm8 Sportswear collection, as it coincides well with the brand’s design aesthetic. No matter what style of Teamm8 sportswear you choose to sport, every piece will have you looking great, and complement your Teamm8 undies perfectly.

Which side do you prefer, shirts or skins? Let us know by tweeting @underwearexpert.

Photo and Video Credit: James Demitri

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