Must See: Round Up Of prior C-IN2 Campaign Photos


C-IN2 underwear is known for its ultra trendy, sleek and sexy designs; this round up of prior season C-IN2 campaign photos proves that point exactly. They use some of the best male models in the industry and produce spot on story themes and eye-catching images for their photo shoots and campaigns.

Below you will find a series of photos from their various collection. In the first photo story you’ll see Anthony Gallo and Diogo de Castro Gomes sporting items from the Pop Color collection and posing in a classic Pontiac Bonneville car. Castro Gomes changes into several pieces from the Hand Me Down collection as he beings to work on the classic car.

The next series of photos features model Daniel Garofali, the chameleon of underwear models. Garofali transforms to fit each and every collection he is styled in, to perfect the theme of each photo shoot. Here you’ll see him modeling C-IN2’s Grip collection, their most athletic range; Garofali exquisitely shows of the underwear’s features in this gym inspired shoot. From performing a perfectly executed pommel routine to recovering with some yoga poses in an item from the comfy Zen collection, he shows exactly how these two very different types of underwear hold up during any level of physical activity.

For the Filthy and Core collections, Gallo, Castro Gomes and Chris Whelan seem to be nursing some hangovers from a wild house party the night before, however quite flawlessly compared to the rest of us mere mortals. Let us which photo shoot you would have wanted to be a part of by tweeting @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: C-IN2

Photo Credit: Rick Day for C-IN2

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