Garçon Model And The Art Of Colorful Underwear

Garçon Model

From Albers and Rothko to Picasso and Pollock, the study of color is key in any visually artistic medium; and whether you’re talking about photography, painting, or the ever-so-important design of underwear, the right color combinations can truly create a masterpiece. Known for their love of underwear art, including their awe-inspiring Renaissance art undies, Garçon Model uses a much more modern medium for their latest photo shoot.

Shot against a graffiti ridden backdrop, the model and the artwork behind him both fight for your eyes attention, but it’s the Garçon Model underwear that pulls your eyes in, even if it’s just the waistband! The brand takes pride in aligning their underwear designs to current fashion trends, using vibrant color blocking techniques. This is apparent in the Garçon Model Brazilian trunk line, which interprets the colors that make up Brazil’s flag, with a yellow body and green accents found in the waistband and piping around the leg openings and pouch. The sharp contrast allows for the underwear to pop, while the solid tones keep the entire range from coming across too flashy.

For the photo shoot, model David Hunt strolls around the graffiti streets in his fitted hat, denim jacket and pairs of Garçon Model modal boxer briefs and briefs; to tease us, Hunt lets the waistband slightly peek above his camouflage pants and jeans, but the real tease for us is wanting to see more of the underwear!

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