Model of The Week: Steven Dehler


The blonde hair, blue eyed Steven Dehler is never afraid to express himself. You can find the California-native most nights dancing at one of West Hollywood’s most popular spots, The Abbey, or hanging out with his group of friends, wearing custom designed apparel. On Instagram and Twitter, Dehler is vocal about his opinions and is not afraid to show off a body that, besides the occasional pizza cheat, he works hard to maintain.

Actually, we caught up with the model right after a rigorous workout. “Sorry if I sound a bit winded,” he said over the phone on Wednesday afternoon last week. After he took a moment to catch his breath, the model, who has worked with such underwear companies as Andrew Christian, Timoteo, and Freedom Reigns, began to open up to us about his experiences as an underwear model, going commando, and growing into a confidence in himself that he didn’t have when he was younger. It would also be remiss of us if we didn’t get the scoop about one of the most important women in his life: Britney Spears.

Check out our interview with Dehler starting on the following page.


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